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First Art Nights at Anchor Village Chez Daniel

First Art Nights at Anchor Village Chez Daniel Full house at the 1st Art Nights at Anchor Village, Palmas del Mar - art, music, fashion and  gastronomy.  An activity sponsored by Chez Daniel and the participation of all the Anchor Village merchants (Casa Bonita, Palmas Artisans Studio & Gallery, Palmas Mosaic Arts, Aracelis Salon & Spa, Maragata Charters, Best Golf Cart, Bistro Rico y Chez ...

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Bicycling at Palmas del Mar

Robin Williams once said “ is the closest thing to flying”. And he was right. Many of you who haven’t ridden a bike since you were a kid can remember what it was like barreling down the sidewalk with a smile from ear to ear squinting against the wind with your friends chasing you down the block and then skidding to a stop on the corner and turning around to do it all over again; or flying down that shaded r ...

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Winter in Palmas del Mar

Winter in Palmas del Mar It is hard to believe that Pat and I are on our way to completing our fifteenth winter away from the great state of Maine. After spending parts of seven winters in the Sarasota, Florida area, we journeyed with some friends to Luquillo and then Vieques for a 12 day stay back in 2008. What amazed us that year was not only the terrific (and reliable) weather each day, but also the warm ...

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acts 20 & 22 brings back one of our own. A true success story

acts 20 & 22 brings back one of our own! ...a true success story! Alex is one of those stories that demonstrate how hard work and perseverance is the key to success no matter the circumstances; obviously intelligence and creativity are also necessary ingredients. Ricardo Alexander Gómez is one of those Puertorricans who had left PR to the States for different reasons. In his case, his father lost his jo ...

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Understanding the Acts 20, 22 law

Understanding the Acts 20, 22 law and the economic transformation of Puerto Rico By: After a couple of years of hard work promoting the incentives laws of Puerto Rico, the economic development team is now taking its time to examine, explain and make everyone really understand the huge impact that these laws are having in the Island. Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce Alberto Ba ...

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Legacy Senior Living Services to open near Palmas del Mar

Legacy Senior Living Services to open soon near Palmas del Mar Legacy Senior Living’s Assisted Living is opening soon near Palmas del Mar. The new Assisted Living complex is committed to offering excellent service and premier amenities in a luxurious setting.  The goal of Legacy Senior Living Services is to ensure each resident feels at home and is ready to live  an exceptional life. “Our dedicated, profess ...

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C Bar has a new Chef, Alvaro Sosa Urquisa

C Bar has a new Chef, Alvaro Sosa Urquisa.  It’s hard not to tell that he wanted to be an artist. His plates are artwork--full of forms and colors. “I grew up wanting to be an artist. I loved to draw, but then, I grew up in a bakery store, that’s where my two passion merged,” he said. Alvaro was born in Mendoza, Argentina but his parents moved to Fajardo, Puerto Rico when he was still a baby.  One day my mo ...

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