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Palmas del Mar Feature property

Lately, we’ve seen many houses being renovated
in Palmas del Mar, but this one caught our eye
because of the many details and the integration
of nature. The modern lines and the open spaces
invite the natural light and the ocean view to be
part of the beautiful interior.

Illumination plays a very important role in the
atmosphere of this house. Recessed lighting and
led lights on the floor create a very interesting

The ocean view is overwhelming throughout the
house, as you are in the kitchen, the pool area or
the bedrooms you can appreciate such beautiful
views, everywhere you look you see the blue sky
and the omnipresent ocean! It is such an excellent
design where you are in touch with nature without
the interruption of unnecessary walls.

The bathrooms were tiled using stone and glass,
which in combination with the view gives you a
very “earthy” feel.

This edition’s “Featured Property” is a great
addition to Palmas’ beautiful landscape. The
simple yet sophisticated clean lines make this
house one where beauty, elegance and harmony
come together to introduce a house that inspires
peace and calmness.

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