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Crossbones wrap up party at Palmas del Mar

DSC_0112The TV series Crossbones, an upcoming American television series based on the life of the pirate Edward Blackbeard has been filmed in Ceiba and the surrounding waters for the last months. Many of the artists and production personnel of this renowned series have been living in Palmas del Mar, including the leading actor John Malkovich ( playing the role of pirate Edward Blackbeard) and the English actor Richard Coyle, the first male figure in the series after Malkovich. I am sure many of you have seen them around the Palmas bars and restaurants. Last night the production held a wrap up production party at the Mexican Restaurant Chihuahua were actors and producers celebrated the success of the filming period. Here are some photos of the celebration. The band (  who flew in from California for the occasion) was absolutely fabulous!! Good, good music!

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