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Palmas Golf Carts Parade and Christmas Party

After this year’s outstanding Golf Carts Parade, the Palmas Homeowners Christmas party at Palmanova Plaza was an authentic community Festivity. The music, the weather, the people made this night a memorable one. Kids and adults had fun dancing and mingling under the stars.Good party!! The photos speak for themselves. ...

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Palmas del Mar Three King’s day Parade

Palmas del Mar Three Kings day parade, a beautiful tradition of our community. Once more Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association and Hacienda Candelero celebrated the Three Kings Day Parade.  This is a time-honored Christian tradition when Puerto Rico celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany to commemorate the Nativity of Christ and the visit of the Magi, popularly referred to as the Wise men or the Three Kings ( ...

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Royal Pains filmed in Palmas del Mar

Royal Pains filmed in Palmas del Mar. The TV series Royal Pains filmed in Palmas del Mar one of the chapter of the new series that started this July 2014. Royal Pains is a very successful series by USA Network television based in part on actual concierge medicine practices of independent doctors and companies.  Starring Mark Feuerstein, guest star: Donna Murphy and Scott Campbell. Director Michael Rauch. Fi ...

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[video] Ingrid Rivera, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company visit Palmas del Mar

Palmas del Mar received the visit of Ingrid Rivera, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) and key members of her staff.  This visit was a follow-up to earlier visits by key PRTC personnel as part of the efforts recently launched by PHA to reposition Palmas del Mar as a main tourist and investment attraction in Puerto Rico. The visit began with an exchange of information dialogue betwe ...

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Palmas del Mar so green…so blue…so beautiful

Palmas del Mar so beautiful. Palmas del Mar, located at the East coast of Puerto Rico, is a privileged resort in the Caribbean were you can enjoy a tropical symphony of colors, were the greens and the blues are the predominant notes.  Palmas del Mar is an award winning resort community were nature, residents and tourists cohabit in harmony creating the perfect place for a great vacation ...

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Palmas Jazz Fest – Diciembre 2013 -VIDEO

El Palmas Jazz Fest de diciembre comenzó con Big Band de la Escuela Preparatoria del Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico. Siguió con el galardonado grupo juvenil Guess Who Jazz Quartet, con la participación de las cantantes juveniles Esther Ortiz y Lucyann Ceballos. El espectáculo continuó con la participación de Edmar Colón y su grupo y el gran finale... a cargo de Pedrito Guzmán con Jibaro Jazz, como s ...

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