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Raul Ríos, gold medal at Toronto

Raul Ríos, gold medal at Toronto Raúl Ríos started sailing at age 10 in a small group called “Optimist” and one year later he was already competing. During those early years (2007-2008) he won several international events, among them, North and South American championships. One of his greatest achievements was in 2008 when he won the World Optimist Championship at the age of 14. This competition brought tog ...

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El Restaurante Chez Daniel de Palmas del Mar celebró su 30 aniversario

El Restaurante Chez Daniel de Palmas del Mar celebró su 30 aniversario con una exquisita cena de  cinco cursos acompañados de una selección de vinos de V Suárez & Co.  Chez Daniel, que en francés significa en la casa de Daniel, fue creado hace 30 años por el Chef Daniel Vasse y su esposa Lucette. Poco más tarde llegó el chef Frank Arnould y su esposa  Valerie, también de Francia, para convertirse en sus ...

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International Coastal Clean up day at Palmas del Mar

Palmas del Mar, with a big group of volunteers from the community and Humacao in general, did it’s part in the International Coastal Clean up day. And it’s  because the ocean needs all the  support we can give!  Every year, an estimated 5 million to 12 million metric tons of plastic floods into the ocean. On shore and in the water, this waste: Harms wildlife and affects communities. More than 1 billion peop ...

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ORGANIC/PESTICIDE FREE produce will be made available to Palmas

ORGANIC/PESTICIDE FREE produce will be made  available to Palmas It all started in the hot tub at Marbella. The at that time stranger Miguel and I were having a wonderful time, as seems to happen with all the people I meet here​.​ His questions were: “Where are you from? How long have you lived here? How do you like Puerto Rico? ‘We just moved here from Bethesda, Maryland a month ago.”We continued to laugh ...

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Message from PHA Executive Director on Erika Storm

El Director Ejecutivo de Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association, Antonio, (Tony) Maldonado se dirige a la población de Palmas del Mar respecto a las medidas de seguridad tomadas por el Comité de Emergencias de Palmas del Mar ante al inminente paso de la tormenta Erika por Puerto Rico y especificamente por el área Este. El director ejecutivo enfatizó en la importancia de ante todo salvaguardar la vida. ...

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Estudiante de Palmas Academy en directo desde el Nautilus

Estudiante de Palmas Academy en directo desde el Nautilus Orgullo Palmeño!!! Emocionante la transmisión en vivo con Maria Gabriela Mongil Lomba, estudiante de Palmas Academy desde el Nautilus donde se encuentra realizando un internado en robotica submarina. Maria Gabriela pudo compartir con sus compañeros de Palmas Academy así como con los estudiantes de robótica del Colegio La Merced y de Liceo Ponceño sus ...

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Palmas Ladies Club Summer lunch

Palmas Ladies Club Summer lunch Excellent afternoon among neighbors and friends at Palmas, Palmas Ladies Club plus Palmas Mamas group a fun and powerfull womans group that looks for the wel-being of each others. Good vibe! Thanks to Saks and all our sponsors: Farmacia Candelero, Pura Vida, Hacienda Candelero, Chez Daniell, Elizabeth Arden, Los Lagos Salon & Spa, Frances Serrallés Ponqués and PAC The Lad ...

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