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Run Like a Diva Girls

Run Like a Diva Girls You have probably seen them around Palmas. There is no way to miss them because they dress in vivid colors and fun outfits. They are the “Run Like a Divas Girls” Palmas ladies that get together to do exercise but must important to support each other and have a good time. “Everything started when a friend asked me to support and help a girlfriend of hers that wanted to lose weight” grou ...

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Lissette Bouret celebrated her 50th birthday

Lissette Bouret celebrated her 50th birthday In true royal ambiance at Chez Daniel Rest, Lissette Bouret celebrated her 50th birthday using the same crown she wore when she was crowned Miss Puerto Rico, looking just as beautiful and young. On a curious note, Camille, her youngest daughter, was wearing the dress she wore for the Pageant. A truly fun, fun birthday.     ...

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Royal Pains filmed in Palmas del Mar

Royal Pains filmed in Palmas del Mar. The TV series Royal Pains filmed in Palmas del Mar one of the chapter of the new series that started this July 2014. Royal Pains is a very successful series by USA Network television based in part on actual concierge medicine practices of independent doctors and companies.  Starring Mark Feuerstein, guest star: Donna Murphy and Scott Campbell. Director Michael Rauch. Fi ...

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The Magic behind the Marbella Club Cava

The Magic behind the Marbella Club Cava Visiting the Marbella Club Cava, one of the best kept secret in Palmas, is like traveling in a time machine to “another” country in one elevator stop (to the basement of the Málaga building). As soon as you arrive there you feel you are in a place away from Puerto Rico. It’s like magic! To add to the magic that “surrounds” this beautiful cava, a one of a kind wine tas ...

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Sea Turtle Patrolling at Palmas del Mar

Sea Turtle Patrolling at  Palmas del Mar Palmas del Mar is committed to the environment and the protection of sea turtles’ habitats. To this effect, in coordination with the US Fish and Wildlife Services, Palmas voluntarily entered into a Habitat Conservation Plan agreement in 1999 to protect the sea turtles that inhabit the Palmas beachfronts. In support of this initiative, we have a group of volunteer Pal ...

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FOREST AUCTION/MEET THE CHEFS 2014 Without a doubt and by all accounts from the attendees, the Forest Auction/Meet the Chefs activity held on March 15, 2014 was a smashing success--the best event ever held at Palmas del Mar.  This event which main purpose was to raise money for the Pterocarpus Forest Project was sold out 24 hours in advance and for good reason--it was absolutely fantastic! The music, the fo ...

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