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Act 20/22 residents talked about Palmas del Mar

Act 20/22 residents talked about Palmas del Mar I hope all is well and we are looking forward to your next edition of Live & Life in Palmas…It is a great periodical that my wife and I enjoy reading over and over.  Please keep up the GREAT work! There are a lot of things I can say about Palmas, but I will try and keep it short.  Please feel free to use what you’d like for your write-up. We moved our fami ...

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Palmas family day and inauguration of the Bird Observation Tower at Pterocarpus forest

 Palmas Family Day and inauguration of the Bird Observation Tower at the Pterocarpus forest Despite the rain, the family day at the Forest and the inauguration of the gazebo and bird watching tower took place with a lot of our community members and special guests in attendance. It was an intimate gathering and the rain made it even cozier. With the water, the greens became more vivid and the temperature was ...

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Palmas del Mar the best kept secret for the new act 20/22 residents

Palmas del Mar the best kept secret for the new act 20/22 residents Puerto Rico is coming out of an economic distress and there are some clear signs of economic recovery that we cannot ignore.  One clear sign of recovery is the new faces we are seeing around our Palmas del Mar community.  These new faces are mostly the result of tax incentives, which are currently available for export services companies, an ...

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They came to Palmas for the 20/22 law then…they fell in love!

They came to Palmas for the 20/22 law then...they fell in love! Palmas del Mar Properties Inc. invited a select group of attendees of the first Puerto Rico Investment Summit to an exclusive cocktail held at Mr. Charles Hurtwitz’ home-- better known as the “house on the rock” because of its location on one of Palmas’ beautiful cliffs. As many of you know, this summit brought together a group of over 150 poss ...

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The Beach Bohio…Island Time Zone at Palmas

The Beach Bohio, Island Time Zone at Palmas  THE BEACH BOHÍO, is definitely a magical place. It has been a success since Agu & Janina Cabrer, in a joint venture with José & Yary Soto, took over the helm of the business. But this success did not happen by chance. The new Beach Bohío is the result of  “serious” research, tastings and sacrifices made by these young entrepreneurs that visited many bars ...

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Palmas Proudly Represented at La Rondalla de Humacao

Palmas Proudly Represented at La Rondalla de Humacao. I am sure you have heard about La Rondalla of Humacao but getting to know its founder and director, Jorge Luis Camacho is another story. His passion for music and kids are contagious.  When he talks about their achievements and success his chest swells with pride and satisfaction; he has all the reasons to be proud and satisfied. The Humacao Rondalla has ...

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Palmas Golf Carts Parade and Christmas Party

After this year’s outstanding Golf Carts Parade, the Palmas Homeowners Christmas party at Palmanova Plaza was an authentic community Festivity. The music, the weather, the people made this night a memorable one. Kids and adults had fun dancing and mingling under the stars.Good party!! The photos speak for themselves. ...

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Palmas del Mar Three King’s day Parade

Palmas del Mar Three Kings day parade, a beautiful tradition of our community. Once more Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association and Hacienda Candelero celebrated the Three Kings Day Parade.  This is a time-honored Christian tradition when Puerto Rico celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany to commemorate the Nativity of Christ and the visit of the Magi, popularly referred to as the Wise men or the Three Kings ( ...

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