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A premiere property in Palmas Del Mar, a gated resort community, beach front near Humacao, P.R.

Marbella is one of our more exclusive residential communities at Palmas del Mar.  Once you get to its elegant gate you know you are arriving to a very special place. The buildings, the landscaping, the central patios, the unique pools, the wine cava...everything is in harmony with the splendid view of Vieques. The Marbella Club residents share much more than just an extraordinary property of impeccable tast ...

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The Caribbean Primate Research Center in Cayo Santiago

  I have always been fascinated with our cousins, the monkeys. Now, living in Humacao and knowing they are so close, I could not wait to have an excuse to visit Cayo Santiago. In the past, I have kayaked around the Island, watched them from the distance and observed the scientists with some envy. Finally my opportunity came, a story for Live & Life in Palmas! I hope many people enjoy it. The visit ...

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American by Choice, Al Fuentes, A hero among us

Did you know that we have among our Palmas’ homeowners a 9/11 hero?  His name is Alfredo Fuentes, better known as Al Fuentes. He is Ecuadorian by birth, American by choice and Puerto Rican by adoption (actually I though he was Puerto Rican until the day of the interview). Captain Alfredo Fuentes is the highest-ranking New York City firefighter to survive the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 ...

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Palmas del Mar, one of the most beautiful beach resort in the Caribbean

Welcome to Palmas del Mar, one of the most beautiful beach resort in the Caribbean. Palmas del Mar Puerto Rico is a world-class resort on the East coast of Puerto Rico. A unique and beautiful community surrounded by six miles of coastline, mountains and exquisite Caribbean landscapes.   We invite you to feel the beauty… experience the sumptuous and tropical elegant charm of a Caribbean resort. Once you cros ...

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