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Galleria del Mar at Palmas

COMING THIS FALL! Palmas del Mar welcomes the addition of Galería del Mar to Palmanova Plaza. Galería del Mar art gallery (situated in the main plaza level across from C-Bar) will feature works by Angel Botello, Eduardo Cabrer and several other prominent artists to be announced soon. “An Art Gallery featuring world renowned Puerto Rican artists is just the type of boutique the Palmas del Mar community needs ...

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PLAZA DEL MAR, COAST PROTECTION PLAN IN ACTION The first phase needs to be temporary and address the immediate threat to beach-front properties.  They need to be able to stop the erosion affording protection to existing land properties without negatively affecting other areas.  This emergency solution needs to be implemented and paid by the affected regimes. The second phase contemplates a longer term or pe ...

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First Art Nights at Anchor Village Chez Daniel

First Art Nights at Anchor Village Chez Daniel Full house at the 1st Art Nights at Anchor Village, Palmas del Mar - art, music, fashion and  gastronomy.  An activity sponsored by Chez Daniel and the participation of all the Anchor Village merchants (Casa Bonita, Palmas Artisans Studio & Gallery, Palmas Mosaic Arts, Aracelis Salon & Spa, Maragata Charters, Best Golf Cart, Bistro Rico y Chez ...

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Bicycling at Palmas del Mar

Robin Williams once said “ is the closest thing to flying”. And he was right. Many of you who haven’t ridden a bike since you were a kid can remember what it was like barreling down the sidewalk with a smile from ear to ear squinting against the wind with your friends chasing you down the block and then skidding to a stop on the corner and turning around to do it all over again; or flying down that shaded r ...

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The Advanced Tennis Academy within Palmas Academy

The continues to grow in both quantity and quality.  As recent as two months ago, three out of the four youth selected to participate in the Junior Open III were from The Palmas Academy’s Advance Tennis Academy. This year the enrollment has duplicated due to the success of the program. “We have made the effort to hire the best available coach on the Island and the results are tangible,” said proudly the dir ...

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Palmas del Mar Feature property

Lately, we've seen many houses being renovated in Palmas del Mar, but this one caught our eye because of the many details and the integration of nature. The modern lines and the open spaces invite the natural light and the ocean view to be part of the beautiful interior. Illumination plays a very important role in the atmosphere of this house. Recessed lighting and led lights on the floor create a very inte ...

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Palmas Culinary Delights

PALMAS CULINARY DELIGHTS Special report by Lizette Pérez, food and wine blogger   It has been one and a half years since we moved to San Juan from Humacao and I miss going to Palmas del Mar to eat once in a while. Palmas del Mar has a great gastronomic offering that fits every budget and preferences. My friend Lissette Rosado gave me the opportunity to write about this in her great magazine Live & ...

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Winter in Palmas del Mar

Winter in Palmas del Mar It is hard to believe that Pat and I are on our way to completing our fifteenth winter away from the great state of Maine. After spending parts of seven winters in the Sarasota, Florida area, we journeyed with some friends to Luquillo and then Vieques for a 12 day stay back in 2008. What amazed us that year was not only the terrific (and reliable) weather each day, but also the warm ...

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