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C Bar has a new Chef, Alvaro Sosa Urquisa

C Bar has a new Chef, Alvaro Sosa Urquisa.  It’s hard not to tell that he wanted to be an artist. His plates are artwork–full of forms and colors. “I grew up wanting to be an artist. I loved to draw, but then, I grew up in a bakery store, that’s where my two passion merged,” he said. Alvaro was born in Mendoza, Argentina but his parents moved to Fajardo, Puerto Rico when he was still a baby.  One day my mother, who knew I didn’t like to study much, told me about culinary courses and that’s when I decided to study culinary arts.  In five years I was already the executive Chef of Marina Puerto del Rey.  I did my practice there and during that time I was searching for my place in this ever-changing career. That’s when I discovered avant-garde cuisine. I stared learning the techniques and I realized there was a lot of art and creativity involved in this new trend.  I followed my instinct and developed my style. Now Carlos Aponte, owner of C Bar Kitchen in Style, has given me the freedom to create.”

“Even though I feel I am an experienced chef, I continue to learn and try new things. My goal is for my clients to trust me. I want my clients to come to C Bar not only to eat, but to have a culinary experience.”

Alvaro loves to play with textures and tastes but respecting the flavor of each one of the products.  “It’s a matter of giving the ingredients a different twist,” he said.

Alvaro said he also has an Asian influence. “I like Indian, Japanese and Korean food and I have learned a lot from this cuisine. I am an autodidact; I follow chefs from different countries and learn from them.”

At the moment of this interview, Alvaro was in the process of designing the new menu for C Bar that should be implemented by the time this magazine is printed.  He gave us a “sneak peak” at what’s going to be on the menu: “C Bar will have a 4 course menu available and, in-between courses, something fun and tasty is going to happen…something to refresh your palate and make your dinner truly an experience,” he stated.

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